Metal Battle

(voorronde 2018)
Metal Battle<br><h5> (voorronde 2018)</h5>
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Metal Battle

(voorronde 2018)
20:00 uur

27 januari is het weer zover, dan is er weer de voorronde voor de landelijke metalbattle 2018!!!l Stichting Noord Geldersch Metaal en Occultfest hebben samen weer een prachtig prijzenpakket neergezet waar je U tegen zegt!!! Tezamen met vele landelijke organisatoren en een enorme groep aan sponsoren zoals daar zijn de volgende festivals: Stonehenge, Baroeg Open Air, No sleep till wieleman, Hemelvaart metalfest, Tattoofest, maar ook Guldemond Vocal Coaching en bandcoaching door niemand minder dan Sander Gommans en ga zo maar door!!!!

Zoals elk jaar is ook deze Gelderse voorronde wederom in poppodium Estrado in het pittoreske Harderwijk Voor de insiders ook wel beter bekend als Hardrockwijk!!!

De geselecteerde bands voor de Gelderse voorronde zijn:

- 7Tools

7Tools speelt Nu Metal en laat zich inspireren door bands als Korn, Godsmack en Disturbed.
Beukende ritmes, aangevuld door stuwende gitaarpartijen en afgemaakt door rauwe vocalen.


-Serpents Seduction

Serpents Seduction is an extreme metalband.
The band has come together in 2015 as a few friends who where done with being in other bands that did not deliver on expectations.
The band has been ressurected as friends together who wanted to come further than just jamming on Wednesdays in a garage.
Serpents Seduction wants to make a name for itself and create an own identity in the world of metal, with their own songs and own looks.

The band’s music consists of a lot of different musical influences.
The most are Death metal, Deathcore, Metalcore and Black metal
Serpents Seduction is in sound inspired by bands such as God Dethroned, Dying Fetus and Lamb of God.
But is has also black metal influences from bands as Behemoth.
The core genres is more or less from bands as Thy Art Is Murder and Heaven Shall Burn.


- Armed Cloud

Armed Cloud is a Dutch band from Nijmegen playing symphonic rock with influences from (progressive) rock, metal, and pop. The music is written by Wouter and Remco van der Veen, who choose for a song-oriented approach of the genre. Armed Cloud’s songs are characterised by in-your-face guitar riffs; catchy melodies; thick grooves; atmospheric keyboards; melodic drums; and powerhouse vocals. Their inspiration flows from bands like Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, and Sonata Arctica.

- Despicable Heroes

Barneveld's finest metalband, DESPICABLE HEROES is back. Heavier than ever and ready to storm the stage. Their new EP 'Arrival' shows the full potential of the band with low-tuned riffing, ground-shaking breakdowns and catchy sing-a-longs. The band welcomes Koen Vroom (Ashes of Many) as their new frontman. Packed with energy and a powerful message the band sets sail for their brand new chapter.

DESPICABLE HEROES was founded in 2010, where they put themselves on the map with their energetic live shows. In 2013 the band released their first album ‘Shipwrecked’ through Unite Records. shared the stage with bands such as Texas In July (US), Heart in Hand (UK) and Inhale Exhale (US) and appeared on events like like Brainstorm Fest and the annual Liberation Festival in Wageningen.


Muziekpodium Estrado